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The gender ideology

Born from the pen of psychologist John William Money († July 7th, 2006, Towson, Maryland, USA), who was responsible for the fatal and failed experiment on the Reimer twins, the wave swept with the help of Virginia Prince (who founded the term "transgender" in the USA) a few years later to Germany. Blinded by generous monetization, the gender ideology, which is promoted by lobbyist transgender people, follows a narrative that has been long scientifically refuted. For example, it was asserted by John Money that human beings would be born "sexless" and that "feeling and being" and socio-gender behavior would be induced from outside. The social gender behavior as well as the inner feeling of one's sexuality would be educated.

This was refuted on the scientific side by Prof. Dr. Milton Diamond and in 2010 by Prof. Dick Swaab based on the examination of the hypothalamus of deceased transsexual (NGS) victims. Ulrich Kutschera also refutes the gender ideology.

On the civil side, this is refuted every day by the life and work of originally transsexual (NGS) people. Especially those affected, who only found the strength to stand by themselves in their older years, beyond the false puberty, in order to finally follow their innate being, prove sufficiently that the personal core sex identity (!!!) in connection with the inner feeling and the inner certainty of being a woman instead of a man and vice versa, is innate. Because most of us, including me, were brought up according to what the midwife found at us "down there" and yet this upbringing was not fruitful (as with David Reimer). Paradoxically, even the transgender movement proves that sex is NOT educable. Even if they claim the opposite and that is a slap in the face of the Reimer family and every NGS sufferer.

Little thought game: Let us assume that sex is purely a matter of upbringing, then there would be neither originally transsexual (NGS) people, nor would the transgender movement exist, because everyone would be satisfied with themselves and their innate physicality and would be functioned in their socially-gendered gender roles. There would be no questioning and everything would be peace, joy, pancakes. But that's not the case. We NGS people (and also transgender people) exist. And that we can immerse ourselves inconspicuously after completion of the transition and live stealthly, is socially and professionally integrated and accepted and does not even require great behavioral efforts (here behavior patterns do not have to be learned and rehearsed like an actor) is once again sufficiently proven innate sex and socio-gender behavior. And because we NGS people are the way we are (we are, in spite of our genital innate nature, clearly men or women) and repeatedly proclaim this, substantiate it with objective arguments and derive it scientifically and medically, we are a big thorn in the eye of transgender lobbyists and their gender ideology. It can't be what may not be. NGS people are hidden, ridiculed and silenced. You get the label "Transgender" so that nobody comes up with the idea of ​​researching differences. The anger of the inexperienced citizens against us is certain, because they don't have the opportunity to be able to take a differentiated view and we, those affected by NGS, end up in the pot of the uniform and are labeled as supporters of the gender ideology. Therefor it is more important to distance ourselves from this ideology and to provide objective and medical information.

NGS people with their clear feeling, life and work don't fit into the narrative from the gender ideology of "sex is educable"!

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